Palabras: Fear

Today was many things! I had a wonderful brunch with two women who are learned and wise. The time I spent with them was beyond any expectations that I might have carried into the restaurant with me, despite my assertion I would have no expectations. The week was one of surprise, disappointment, hope and lots of prayer and meditation. I used every tool that I had in my tool box when I became aware of certain events that promised to unravel me and knock me off my usual centered base. I’m happy to report that I am open to the changes I experienced that last week’s card promised. As always, I smudged with pungent white sage, grounded and centered my energy and then I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come and share in pulling this week’s card. Together, our energies pulled the card-Fear

Image: The image is that of a young woman standing on the grounds of a large estate. In her hands she holds a ball that is attached to a chain. We don’t see that the ball and chain is actually attached to her but it is clear that she is holding it as one holds a bowling ball. The path behind her leading to the house can be construed as a length of chain that attaches her to the house. Again, it may be just the path we are seeing. The dual image is an illusion in this particular read. The woman’s hair is limp and lifeless. Her mouth is tight and small and eyes large but unseeing.

Words:  The unknown leads to projected fears and anxieties of that which does not truly exist. These claim space and are not easily surrendered despite an inner voice that tells us it is fear- nothing more.

Read: This card was originally called The Beast until I realized that it was really the Fear card. The fear that one holds inside is probably more frightening than any beast that would ever come one’s way. In this particular read, comes the idea that running away or doing a geographic may not be at all necessary. If one conquers his or her fear by using available tools, such as in this case “Letting go”, the possibilities of freedom are immense. The house appears to be well lit. The evening sky is dark and no stars are seen. Running into what appears to be freedom but is instead a dark reflection of the mirror of one’s soul benefits no one- least of all she or he who is trying to escape. Tonight the reading seems to be of the feminine nature. What about those qualities is frightening? Is it softness, vulnerability, intuition, and the night sky that is illuminated with the wisdom of the moon, of the ages of strength that only a female can possess? Open your heart and allow the power of the feminine to strike away that fear whether you are male or female in nature. Drop that ball and chain of illusory fear.