Palabras: Pobresa/Poverty

Sitting here as an extremely hectic weekend winds down to a close I ponder the great many changes that I and many of the dearest in my circle are experiencing. I believe, as the Mayans have proclaimed, that life as we know it is going to change. Do I, as countless others fear, believe the world is going to end? No. There will be changes- some good and some I don’t want to personally experience. The question will be how I weather the storms. Will I sink my claws into the dining room table legs as would a cat? Will I howl with unhappiness? Will I be in pain as the people around me scurry to make decisions and take action? We had neighbors who tried to sell their house for two years. He traveled back and forth to his new higher paying job while she stayed at home tending to the children. He’d come in on the weekends to be Dad, hubby and take care of the endless chores around the house. They finally came to the decision to move closer to his job. The kids unhappily accepted the fact they’d be in a new school making new friends come September. They moved away about four weeks ago. Two weeks ago we noticed a new car in the drive. Today we finally met our new neighbors. They bought the house and are thrilled with the possibilities that they are gifted with. Right now they are sanding the beautiful wood beamed floor. Wow. The other family needed to let go and when they finally did the new one could take root. What a lesson. This same idea came through in the card I pulled today. I smudged with sage, grounded and centered my energy and then I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come and share in pulling this week’s card. Together, our energies pulled the card-Pobresa-Poverty

Image: The image is that of a woman standing in front of a pawn shop window. Her hair is covered with a kerchief and she wears a heavy coat. It seems like the weather is cold and winter is afoot. She holds what looks a beaded necklace in her hand. Behind the window stands the proprietor. His handle bar mustache hides whether he is smiling or serious. In the window are a guitar and several trays of rings. All are for sale. There is a sign that declares the shop is open.

Words:  Feeling the poverty; a sense of pride is in the air. What seems important may have to be given up. Sense the disarray in your surroundings that mirrors your inner life. Sometimes we have to do the thing we don’t necessarily want in order to move forward when the place we are in is no longer fruitful.

Read: Pobresa! Poverty! Scary state of affairs or is it. There are too many times when someone holds on to an item no longer needed or a set of circumstances that is barren. There seems to be no growth whether it is financial, personal or a relationship. We hang on because we are afraid of what will happen if we let go.  When I originally designed this card I believed that the woman was going to pawn a bracelet of emeralds. Today it looked like a beaded garnet necklace but my read is entirely different. What she holds is a set of rosary beads. The rosary in this case is a symbol of belief, faith and prayer that there is something higher in this life and if we trust in it that we will be able to make the needed changes without fear.  The rosary also tells a sacred story of life’s ups and downs. Saying this does not diminish the sacredness and power of the rosary but when meditating upon it one is allowed to see the changes of events over a lifetime and beyond. There are some things that we are not in charge of no matter what we think. It may not be the material things that we are so afraid of losing. That old saying- Let Go and Let God may be the thing we need to hang onto most.