Ode to My Muse







Ignored my plaintive whispers

Paid no attention to my pleas

On Sunday had to call the vet- the dog came down with fleas

It’s time to get my blog on

And all you do is tease

As I sit and stare in horror at these damn computer keys


 When it seems that I’m most distant

That’s when you’re nestled in my mind

Insects are revolting and quite a bit unkind

When I told you that I needed help

You said you’re not inclined

To help me with my edits, the nastiest bugs I’ll find


Hated to see my canine scratchin’

Bitin’ at her tiny little thigh

It seems like you forgotten that it’s on you, whom I rely

My draft’s in a state of languish

You know the reasons why

But all you said was see ya, gotta go, so long, bye-bye


Got sidetracked with life’s minutiae

Cried my eyes out ’til they’re raw

No, I swear, you must believe me, I never stopped to draw

I’ve got to write some words down

My creative flow has got a flaw

I realized this had happened as I was poking at her paw


Debuggers helped my dog’s morale

She runs and barks, is grateful

I must admit I’m happiest when I see her playful

I’d like to pen some rhymes again, a poem, a verse or two

But here I sit, beside myself, all in all, just fretful

I must believe in you, my muse, you’ve always been most faithful