Interview with Author Sylvia Weber

Sylvia Weber is a consultant, therapist and a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatric and geriatric nursing.  She works in the psychiatric gerontology liaison program at The Miriam Hospital and is the Government Relations consultant to The Rhode Island State Nurses Association.  She is active in civic and professional  organizations.  Sylvia was a member of the American Nurses Association Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics and the Rhode Island Nurses Association Cabinet on Nursing Practice, board of directors and past president.   Sylvia is currently a member of the American Nurses Association – Political Action Committee Board of Trustees. She’s known as one of the pioneers for the introduction and integration of holistic health/complimentary healing modalities in the Rhode Island and surrounding area.

What was the motivating factor that started you writing?

My initial motivation came from the encouragement of family, friends, colleagues and clients/patients.  For many years they encouraged me to write and bring my knowledge and experience into the world on a more global level.  This was reinforced through my various meditative practices.  I knew from my experiences in life that there is information, a perspective, a way of being, that would be helpful to others.  I believe this book will bring greater peace, harmony and compassion into our world.

What is your genre and who is your intended audience?

At first I thought that the books focus would be for people who are involved in government politics.  As I began to write I realized the book was for all adults, to enhance their ability to address the political issues they face and are involved in throughout life.  I wanted it to be an easy read, packed with useful information and affordable.

What are you currently writing?

At this time I’m co-authoring a textbook with a friend, Zite Hutton.  The text book will be based on the principles and strategies in my book.  Our goal is to bring the information to college and university students.  Our vision is to give them a foundation for resolving issues with compassion for the good of many and the planet.

I’m also planning to write a children’s book.  My dream is that it will be a book that will encourage them to bring this way of being into their lives and relationships as they grow and mature.

How do you make time to write?

This has and is extremely difficult and takes a great deal of discipline for me.  Working full time and having family, professional and community responsibilities was challenging.  My home has always been open to the people in my life and it was an effort for them and me to set the needed limits.  I also had to deal with my own procrastination issues – a tendency to allow “things” to distract me, as well as other “human” issues.  I found it more productive to write while out of my home or when people were less likely to drop by.  Visiting family and friends who would help set up an environment conducive to writing was also effective.

What inspires you to write?

I’m inspired by my experiences in the world and a commitment I made when I was 6 years old.  While hearing the pain experienced by people involved in WW II, I vowed that I would do something each day to make this a better world.  I believe that my writing will increase the impact of this vow.

What would you have done differently in your writing life, if anything at all?

I would be more disciplined about setting aside time to write and not allow non-emergencies to interfere.  I would also be more patient and less critical with myself to prevent feeling overwhelmed.  To do what I could, when I could.

Tell us about your marketing strategy.

This has also been a challenge for me, finding the time during the usual business hours and selling myself.  It’s been an adventure in my growth and transformation.  I have contacted people I know who have radio shows and have been interviewed by them.  I’m arranging for book signing events.  Announcements have been sent out to various groups I’m involved in and I’m sending e-mails and letters to people who will not be reached by other means.  Many people I know are using their contacts to get the word out about my book, including this wonderful blog.  I’m also meeting with people, who have published, to share marketing ideas, eg: bookstores, libraries, organizations interested in the topic, etc.

Does your spiritual life influence your writing? If so, how?

My spiritual life, which is quite eclectic, is the main motivation for all I do.  I draw on many spiritual philosophies and practices which is the foundation of how I live my life.  Being human, I have the challenges we all have and believe it’s Creators way of saying, “Good job!  You are now ready for the next spiritual level.”  For me, my spiritual life is the core of my Being.

What’s your literary community burning desire?

I’m not involved in a literary community, even though I know several people who have written and published.  The burning desire for all of us is to create changes that will encourage a more peaceful, harmonious, loving and healthier world for all.

Thanks for visiting here today, Sylvia. All too often what I’ve read previously about politics has left me wondering where I, as an individual, fit into that arena in my life. What I find most profound is how you treat the subject in a personal and spiritual way that has encouraged me to find how I impact and am influenced by politics in the daily fabric of my life. –Theresa