Prosperity: A Golden Meditation

New Year cards often end with a wish for prosperity. Ka-ching!  This past year I’ve decided to look at what Prosperity actually means for me. I pay the bills, save a teeny bit for a rainy day and try to enjoy the work I do to the best of my ability. I don’t, in fact, work five days a week anymore. This is by choice. I decided that I needed to take more time for my writing. I understand that my experience of prosperity isn’t limited to my financial state. This endeavor keeps me feeling full, whole, satiated and prosperous. The deeper spiritual translation of this is that I will always be provided for. It will be created by some parts me and always my higher power.

I’ve played with placing a blank in sentences where I might seek to place the word prosperity. Invariably, the word that seems to suffice these days is the word “happy.” While, for today, that defines prosperity for me- I realize that it’s a far cry from what I thought it should mean. Prosperity always bought images of droves of money to me. A co-worker once told me that I had gold in my aura. She said that when people saw me that’s what they were attracted to. At the time that was probably the furthest I ever felt from the abundance of such realized prosperity.

Combing through Julia Cameron’s The Prosperous Heart I’ve tried to take some of her suggestions. She speaks of certain strategies that we can take that will aide us in becoming aligned with prosperity. The suggestions she makes include writing daily pages upon awakening, recording what is spent during the course of the day, taking walks by one’s self and, lastly, taking a couple of short breaks throughout the day. Because I already take short breaks I decided to do something that would differentiate these breaks. I designed what I call My Golden Meditation.

I put my phone timer on for five minutes. Center, ground myself and take my deep cleansing and then relaxation breaths. With eyes closed, I imagine myself sitting embraced by the infinite Universe. I am small-sitting there like Buddha.  I imagine the golden energy of the Universe coming to and through my being. I sit and welcome the beauty that comes to me.

Instead of seeing coins the first time I tried this, I experienced the figures and faces of my loved ones- relatives and friends coming to me and embracing me. Each entity came individually. Each hugged me with their personality fully intact. A bear hug from one. I quick embrace with a kiss to the head from another. It was a thoroughly satisfying, safe and prosperous meditation. I had no idea how blessed I was until each showed up and shared a tiny moment of love. At the end there was no feeling or sadness about who might not have participated in this enterprise. It was utterly perfect as only the Universes can be. This was yet another time that I allowed my intuitive self to tell me what to do, I did it and am glad that I listened.

Take time and allow yourself the blessing of partaking in The Golden Meditation. Five minutes. How simple and divine.

I’d love to hear about your experience with this meditation.