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Las Estrellas- The stars.

During my early morning run I looked above and spied the crescent shaped moon that was still showing herself in all of her glory. A hawk flew low above me. I felt I could reach up and touch her. I listened for her message. It was to observe. Take stock in all that is going on in my existence and not to get too caught up in the details. I was reminded to circle above myself and to view my life. I was encouraged to see how all is perfectly melding together. I was reminded to be grateful for the beauty often taken for granted. I returned home to take part in my morning activities and to pull a card to share. I smudged with sage, grounded and centered my energy. I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come and share in pulling this week’s card. Together, our energies pulled the card-Las Estrellas.

Image: The image is that of a young woman in evening dress running down a path away from a well-lit mansion. She holds a large quartz crystal in her hands and her wrap is gathered at her waist. Her shoulders are bare and her hair lies in waves over them. Above her, the dark sky is lit with brilliant stars. The trees that border the path are bare.

Words:  Sometimes we are not aware of the beauty we hold within. Our focus may be on one thing entirely and we are not aware of how large the Universes are in relation to the smallness of ourselves. Shifting our gazes allows us to sense how we fit perfectly into the constellation of the stars.

Read: Reminder to self! Look up at the stars morning, noon and night. All too often when something isn’t directly in front of us we forget they exist. The stars guide us. We come from them. In the image depicted on the card, the woman, representative of the feminine aspect of ourselves, the intuitive side, is running from the well- lit glory of the mansion. In this read, we are encouraged not to run from that side of ourselves. It is all too easy to do in the aggressive masculine nature of the world. We may forget during the daytime hours that the beauty and the guidance of the feminine are always within us. Tend to the well-lit mansion within. As written by St. Teresa of Avila in Interior Castle, the mansion of spirit is deep within us always in reach. In the city, the stars are often obscured by the lights around us. The lighting is illusory. We must tend to our quiet selves to remember that all that is seen is not all that exists.



Palabras-El Baile- The Dance

I’m in the midst of training for the NYC Marathon; everything seems to take a great effort. Today, I’m in the afterglow of an eighteen mile run and that makes me want to shrug extras off. My legs feel as though they’ve been pummeled. My seventeen mile run last week went so well, that when I returned home, I made a sandwich and went to work for several hours. Go figure. So imagine my surprise when I pulled today’s card, with Graciella, la Gitana, and the Baile –Dance- card showed up. Fortunately, I don’t have to figure it out. Graciella gives me the information.

Image: The simple image for the Baile card is as follows: The focal point is a pair of Mary Jane shoes. The legs are crossed at the ankle and the wearer’s skirt ruffles seem to be lifted to show the ankles and shoes.  

Words: Olé! Skirt encircles your body. Head is thrown back. Arms reach up writhing, twisting, like a snake, teasing, ensnaring. Your shoes tap out the sounds of life’s destiny. In the world, brazen, like the rest who choose to dance and claim pride with certitude.

Read: It seems that whatever it is that you have been engaged in is ready to come to fruition. Like a snake- a metaphorical transformation takes place. Have fun with it. Many people reach out and chose to work on goals and creations that reach the inner core of sensuality. Art, writing, esthetic endeavors should be enjoyed and one may become entranced with the process. Enjoy the dream fulfilled. Take the time to feel the pride of a job well done.



Palabras: Sobriedad- Sobriety

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve pulled a card and done a general read. Today, I looked forward to receiving the message. I’ve enjoyed seeing how the read shows itself in my life throughout the week. I took my usual steps in grounding and centering myself before I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come forth. Together, our energies pulled the card-Sobriety

 Image: The image is that of a hand inserting a skeleton key into an old fashioned keyhole. The reader cannot tell whether the hand belongs to a male or female. The door is many paned as is the window that is adjacent to it. There is a shadow of a figure seen through the window.

Words: So much more than a decision not to take the drink. It is a state of surrender to that which is…healthiness of mind, body, spirit and soul. It moves mountains, crosses streams; give purpose with clarity in intention. Visualize the sierras that have endured throughout the ages. Terrain difficult to maneuver but does so with willingness to stretch as the Great Being portends, with love.

Read: The message is quite clear- ‘transparent’ is the new word used to define clarity and honesty- or at least, this is what is intended lately by many speakers representing various venues.   Just like the window in the card, there is transparency but often what we think we see may really be a hint of the larger reality. The truth may be out of reach until the key is in and we are in behind the closed door. Much may be out of reach before that… what may seem to be ‘a given’ may not be and the only one who knows what is being offered is the one who is extending a service, a job, a thought. Be clear when the opportunity presents itself for you to trust in the ‘transparent’ intervention or interconnection. While many wonderful new things may be laid at one’s feet, it does no good to take them all at face value. Explore, define, scrutinize, and be sure of what you are signing. Know what comes between the dots on that line that will hold your signature that is ultimately, a promise to do your part- whatever it is that you’ve agreed to do. Don’t be surprised at the end of it all- unless you want to be.

Where do you see how this fits in your upcoming week, or maybe you’ve just experienced something where you can relate this message. Let us know!



Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Oscuridad and Sur *Dark and the South

Distracted, but getting lots of tasks, errands and all of those things we make lists of, done. Looking at my bulletin board where I listed several things that I thought were ‘oh, so important’ I see that a few were quickly forgotten. At the time I wrote them down, they were important. Now the list is outdated. Some items should be checked off and others ignored. On this same bulletin board, during her last visit East, my daughter had drawn a picture of a duck in flight, with its bill pointed to the sky. It simply reads “fly.” Good idea! I smudged, grounded and centered. I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come forth. Together, our energies pulled the card-Oscuridad- “the dark.” That meant I should pull another- it was Sur- the South.

Image: Oscuridad- The dark. There is someone sitting in the dark. I believe it is a female figure. Today I see the hand that is on the floor or seat next to the person’s knees is that of someone else. There are actually two figures in this picture. Never noticed that before!

Words: There may be temporary blindness. One may not see the possibilities of the path on which she or he walks. Walk slowly and steadily. Grope outwardly when needed. Pick another card to work with this one in order to achieve an increased sense of light if needed. Never alone but with another.

Image: Sur- South- A young woman stands with her eyes closed. Her face is turned toward the sun. She stands amidst flowers and trees. She is obviously savoring the moment.

Words: Raise your face to the sun. Trust that which is being freely shared with you. Wear, easily, the soft feeling of comfort on your shoulders. It offers protection as you move on your way. Know that all will be shown clearly in its time.

Read: This reading brings with it a very deep level of comfort. There are things that none of us know but we move forward anyway. As the cards suggest, go with a sense in something higher than ourselves that illuminates our way when things seem dark. Go forward, trust in what has been entrusted to you. It is yours and yours alone. While others may seem to be doing like work, their tasks are as different as we are individuals. At times, we must forge ahead despite the fact we are not sure where we are going. All will be shown in due time. With eyes closed we need not be blinded but instead we are encouraged to walk the red road, of trust, of simplicity, with a deep sense of trust that the road on which we walk is the right road.


Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Las Estrellas * The Stars

Feeling the energy of tonight’s big Grandmother Moon, I sit anticipating the coming week and basking in the beauty of the weekend. Feeling loved, being in love and sharing love with others is a simple gift of life. Yet it is something that cannot be bought. I can treasure my relationships and feel secure in the knowledge that loneliness and isolation is something I do not need to experience one day at a time. Tonight I smudged, grounded and centered myself. I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come forth. Together, our energies pulled the card-Las Estrellas- The Stars!

 Image: The image is that of a young woman in evening dress walking down a path away from a well-lit mansion. She holds a large quartz crystal in her hands and her wrap is gathered at her waist. Her shoulders are bare and her hair lies in waves over them. Above her the dark sky is lit with brilliant stars. The trees that border the path are bare.

Words: Unconscious of the vastness of the Universes in relation to the smallness of your being. Unaware of the beauty held within. Shift your perspective and sense how you fit perfectly in the constellation of the stars.

Read: On the perfect grid on this Earth being, we too are stars. As it is above, so it is below. Go, as the young woman, to where it feels warm. See yourself as you truly are, a reflection of the goodness of God, Goddess or Whoever, Whatever is that Higher Being that brings you to your higher self. In well- lit areas, the beauty and light of the stars often goes unnoticed. Just as this young woman leaves the well-lit mansion, to where, one can only imagine, allow yourself to listen to the messages within your crystalline being and be who you are meant to be- amongst the other stars on this perfect grid on this Earth being. If you are unsure as to the depth of this message, meditate and you will receive further direction.


Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- The Toreador

The magic of a bit of gardening, writing, running and eating sandwiches on our porch continues to reverberate within me. As I sat to pull the card, my two novel protagonists, Julia and Rene Acevedo, jumped into my mind. I spent a great deal of the weekend with them. Needing to make sure that I didn’t make this a personal reading, I centered and ground myself as well as I could, of course, smudging myself and the cards with sage. I immediately felt my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana, standing to my left. Pointing, pointing, pointedly at the card she instructed me to turn over- The Toreador.

Image: The image is that of a toreador in full dress with his back to the reader. He is standing in the middle of the sandy arena facing a full audience of observers. No faces are seen in the image. His red cloth is alive as it sways in his hands. Directly in front of the toreador is the door to the bull pen- still closed.

Words: Circling, Spiraling, not to be outdone, ready for the kill. Stealth, magnetism, power, stubbornness. Done for the reactions of the audience; a thirst for blood. Look to your own motives.

Read: The message is quite apparent and already shared in the words. Indeed, I foresee several potential areas where I could use the advice of this card as I prepare for the coming week. There will be instances that I, as well as others, will have the opportunity to “throw down,” a term I’ve heard used often. It’s not something that I relish. How important is what I want as opposed to the wants of the person, thing, or “bull” who stands in front of me. I can wait for it to emerge and play to an audience who will egg me on. Or I can fold up my cloth, remove my hat and take a bow. The flourish is attractive but is not all that is. Graciella would like us to look to our motives and think of why we are willing to “give blood” to something that might not be as worth it as we think it is. I am in eager anticipation of how this card will show itself this week. Honey is the nectar of the Gods- oh, and Goddesses too! Olé!



Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Celebration

This weekend was another whirlwind of beauty and joy. It started with me having a tummy ache that I attributed to a birthday celebration dinner at a fine restaurant that we adore. Friday morning I could barely move with a heaviness about me and a queasy belly. By the evening I was myself again and sat at my desk to edit, revise, read and do all those things that writers do. The rest of the weekend was enjoyed with friends. We sang, played guitars, ukulele and a flute. I admit I was the flute player and one of my friends thought our dog needed to go out. It was actually hilarious.  Well, you get the picture. We shared food, laughter, an impromptu game of Frisbee and love. Arriving back at my desk this evening, I smudged myself and the cards with sage. I centered and channeled the energy of Graciella, la Gitana. She seemed quite business-like with her glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. After shuffling and fanning the cards out, together we pulled the Celebration card.

Image: The image is that of several persons sitting around an open fire playing instruments. There is a young woman, an elder, a matron and a young child all engaged playing different instruments. These include two harmonicas, a flute and one person is clapping her hands. They are set in a clearing in the woods. All have their eyes closed except for the little girl whose eyes are wide open as she blows into her harmonica.

Words: Celebrate! Take time from the daily routine to show gratitude. Enjoy the spirit of life.  The coming together of generations helps us to remember our ancestors and to rejoice in what we have beyond the material world.

Read: My first inclination is to see this card as a replica of the weekend I spent with my spouse and dear friends. The second is to think that we don’t have to wait for the weekend in order to enjoy the music of friendship and life. When I go deeper, I see the differing ages of the women who are pictured in this card. Each holds the secrets, the promise, and the gifts of very special stages in our lives. Each brings something different to the experience the individual personifies. How do all of these entities within me make me who I am and are able to harmonize with the others in order to make me whole? The child in me brings wonder, happiness, desire to play and a shyness to new enterprises. The young woman brings a lustiness, love for life and deep sexuality to the endeavor. The matron brings discipline, awareness and a vision that is rich with experience. The elder within me brings wisdom, humor and a connection with the spiritual world. These aspects together allow for wholeness in the celebration of life. Get to know all the parts of yourself- no matter what your chronological age. You will have the opportunity to celebrate you.


Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Opportunity

I’ve just received surprising news from someone who is choosing to consciously partake of a new activity that she has been dabbling in for a while. The decision to actively participate is different than falling into a situation that happens to present itself. I’m not thinking outcomes here; I am focusing on how we involve ourselves in the possibilities that life offers us at any given turn. It may be the turn of a thought, a door knob or a key but the action brings us toward something new.  I’ve taken definitive steps toward decluttering in some aspects of my life this last week. My hope is that these actions will allow me to be open to the expansiveness that life brings when we aren’t too constricted or suffocating in what we fear to rid ourselves of in our finances, materials, emotions- anything that stifles.

With these thoughts in mind, I smudged myself and the cards with sage. I centered and channeled the energy of Graciella, la Gitana. After shuffling and fanning the cards out, together we pulled the Opportunity card.

Image: The image is that of dice falling against a green felt background. The numbers shown are one are six, four and one and on the other-one, five and two.   

Words: Fortuitously, opportunity abounds. As with all chance what is missed or not chosen today may be encountered again, either in the past or the future. Time and space as we know it are irrelevant. Are you ready to take a chance? Ready to take a risk? What do you have to lose or to gain?

Read: Each day we are given the opportunity to start something new. It may be an endeavor that up until now has never been thought of or it may be something that has been tooling around in our brains for a while. Maybe it has been tooling around in our hearts or spirits. As humans, we often believe that when something is lost that it is gone forever. We even have the saying that ‘something lost is something gained.’ That may be true in some cases. In other areas, it may mean that today is the day that you make the decision to make the phone call to the person that’s been on your mind, to apply to the Master’s program that you believed you could never swing for lack of resources, whether financial or in terms of family support. Today may be the day that you walk out of one door and never look back. It can also be the day you decide to stay exactly where you are because in your marrow you feel it is on the path that you wish to be. Today is a day of excitement, some anxiety, but it is also one of love for yourself. Take a moment to meditate with the notion of opportunity- you may be surprised and, yet, know that the prospect you contemplate is meant for you. While you may have to search for it because it doesn’t show it’s shiny self on first glance it is there. Believe that. Each day comes with the opportunity for something new, different and challenging in our lives. Congratulations on embracing the opportunity that has come your way.


Palabras– Spiritual Oracle: Caridad

After spending a couple of weeks with my daughter, Mara Cordova, the illustrator of this oracle, I am psyched! We spent our time was sharing our creativity, critiquing in the most loving ways and being in truth about what our individual expectations are in terms of these cards and our lives in general. The moon was waxing and, along with my spouse, we enjoyed the triangle of the moon made with Jupiter and Venus. What a wonderful convergence of energies. Today, in the stillness of the waning moon, I centered and with Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide, I pulled the Caridad card. I am excited to the point of sharing the original thumbnail sketch of this card.

©Theresa Varela

Image: There is the image of a pair of hands that are opened. They hold a beautiful flower. On the wrists are bracelets. One is a simple bangle; the other two are more ornate. There is an object at the side. It is difficult to decipher what it is.

Words: Charity, the sweetness of giving without expectation of reward because the gain is in the giving. Providing service for others is the stepping stone for liberation of the self.

Read: Sharing that which is important to one gives the opportunity for the other to reflect, respond responsibly and to in turn share what is vital to them. The ability to do so soberly without expectations is no easy feat. It can be done when one-although in anxiety- can be secure in the knowledge, that the only way to grow is to share that which is essential to them. The saying ‘you can’t keep it unless you give it away’ is only one of the lovely layers of sharing, caring, providing compassion and sincerity. Share a little love today- you may get some back.


Palabras:Spiritual Oracle- Impasse


This past week has been a whirlwind of creative activity. Mara Cordova, the illustrator of this spiritual oracle, has been hard at work. We’d originally thought she’d complete them on the computer. No, siree! Instead, she’s set up a work station on the dining room table and has been painting them with gouache paints. They are colorful, earthy and I’m flabbergasted as to the amount of work that goes into this type of project. Because we don’t live close by on this continent, it’s been a real treat to watch her at work. While she’s at work, I’ve been rewriting parts of my novel and I’m thrilled with the difference. Every so often my laptop has been shutting down without warning. This is frustrating and scary and I must take care to save, save, save. I do know, nothing happens by mistake though. This is my lesson for this past week.

Tonight as I began this reading, I first smudged myself and the cards with sage, shuffled and fanned the cards. I took a moment to center myself and together, Graciella and I pulled this week’s card- Impasse.

Image: A gentleman stands wearing a small misshapen fedora. In his hand he holds a stick. There are several long horned oxen coming toward him. The animals seem to be smiling. While the trees in the background are bare there are a few stalks of grass that are growing.

Words: Things are not what they seem to be. Decisions that seem to be between life and death are not. You have options, therefore, choices to make. Set objectives and goals. Make plans. Steer away from getting stuck in deciphering which road to take. Actions may bring discomfort or distress. You can stop what you are doing swiftly. Let your heart bleed into your brain and create a pure channel from which to work.

 Read: Tonight, instead of a cane I see a long paintbrush!  The oxen seem to be carrying many gifts and packages on their horns. The gentleman has been waiting for these and he is very happy to receive them. In the past when I’ve read the impasse card I’ve shuddered. My first thought is, oh, no, I’m going to be stuck. Tonight I have the distinct awareness that was seems to be ‘stuckness’ is actually an opportunity for the thing that is meant to be to have a chance to develop. In this world of instant gratification, where quick clicks on the keyboard make for lightning decisions, there is no chance for process and slow development to occur. Enjoy the slowness you come upon this week. It’s meant to be!