‘Fun’ in Fundraising

Charities abound! My urges to give back to ‘the community’ can be as tempestuous as a storm. They ebb and flow like the tide. When I watch television and see the plight of starving children and maltreated neglected animals, my desire to give back becomes strong.

This year I plan to run in the ING NYC Marathon. I’ve been combing through the NYRR website trying to find the perfect agency for my fundraising efforts. While doing this, my spouse casually reminded me about the Puerto Rican Family Institute’s Annual Fundraising Gala event. I’d attended one of these events a couple of years ago at the Plaza hotel. I donned my prettiest frock and high heels. We danced to vibrant Salsa, ate delicious food and chatted with some very interesting people I would never otherwise have met. It suddenly dawned on me. This fundraiser is for the children served via programs at PRFI. I’d seen pictures taken by my spouse of the tiny munchkins sporting colorful Halloween costumes. Very sweet!

For today, my heart opened to pouring of Universal love for these and other like children. Standing in my teeny Brooklyn  kitchen my fundraising quest was born. What could I do that would keep my interest, tap into my creativity, connect with like-minded individuals and mostly raise some funds? Books!!! This time with an open heart and mind it occurred to me that I could combine something that I love with service. Duh! Hence my idea to support the Galas Silent Auction by creating a table for Latino and Latina authors  to offer donations of their best loved books began to take shape. As my character, Joe Palacio in Covering the Sun with My Hand says  “Keep the emphasis on the’fun in fundraising.’

If you are a Latino or Latina author who would like being part of this incredible opportunity and donate some of the fruits of your talents to a very worthy cause, please contact me at theresavarela@gmail.com

Check out the site www.prfi.org We will all surely be winners!