Palabras: Sobriedad- Sobriety

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve pulled a card and done a general read. Today, I looked forward to receiving the message. I’ve enjoyed seeing how the read shows itself in my life throughout the week. I took my usual steps in grounding and centering myself before I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come forth. Together, our energies pulled the card-Sobriety

 Image: The image is that of a hand inserting a skeleton key into an old fashioned keyhole. The reader cannot tell whether the hand belongs to a male or female. The door is many paned as is the window that is adjacent to it. There is a shadow of a figure seen through the window.

Words: So much more than a decision not to take the drink. It is a state of surrender to that which is…healthiness of mind, body, spirit and soul. It moves mountains, crosses streams; give purpose with clarity in intention. Visualize the sierras that have endured throughout the ages. Terrain difficult to maneuver but does so with willingness to stretch as the Great Being portends, with love.

Read: The message is quite clear- ‘transparent’ is the new word used to define clarity and honesty- or at least, this is what is intended lately by many speakers representing various venues.   Just like the window in the card, there is transparency but often what we think we see may really be a hint of the larger reality. The truth may be out of reach until the key is in and we are in behind the closed door. Much may be out of reach before that… what may seem to be ‘a given’ may not be and the only one who knows what is being offered is the one who is extending a service, a job, a thought. Be clear when the opportunity presents itself for you to trust in the ‘transparent’ intervention or interconnection. While many wonderful new things may be laid at one’s feet, it does no good to take them all at face value. Explore, define, scrutinize, and be sure of what you are signing. Know what comes between the dots on that line that will hold your signature that is ultimately, a promise to do your part- whatever it is that you’ve agreed to do. Don’t be surprised at the end of it all- unless you want to be.

Where do you see how this fits in your upcoming week, or maybe you’ve just experienced something where you can relate this message. Let us know!