Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading- Sobriety


During this past week, I shared a facebook meme about how an alcoholic could be known by his or her first name + their last name. This is so different than the common meme such as one’s dragon name could be obtained by adding the color of one’s socks + the last thing that person ate. My dragon name would be tattletale grey- turkey sandwich. It’s so much funnier on facebook. Anyway, there were a lot of likes to that alcoholic naming meme. Today, when I pulled a card from Graciella’s oracle deck the concept of Sobriety/Sobriedad came up. Ha! She has a sense of humor.

The image of a hand inserting a key into a lock is oh so interesting. This is the first time I’ve realized that by opening the lock the individual will be releasing herself to the outside realm. It’s usually the opposite, isn’t it? We unlock our doors to go inside our homes or offices. These places are usually locked to outsiders who can only gain access by being granted permission by the owners of the abodes. In this case, we are allowing ourselves the liberties that can only come with going outside of ourselves.

There is such beauty in the vista outside of this door. The greenery of the grounds is surrounded by a wonderful mountainous range. The grace of dancing along fields may be countered by the challenge of crossing more difficult terrain. There takes a certain Sobriety to navigate the lives we live. Actions called for take more of a deliberate consciousness than just not taking a drink as one usually thinks of when considering sobriety. Mindfulness. Thoughtfulness. Conscientiousness. Sensitivity. All of these concepts are integral to Sobriety.

The charm bracelet brings to mind the experiences, strengths, and hopes that the individual wears as a talisman. The jewelry is personal yet is open for the world to see. Be yourself as you encounter new things and older things from a different perspective this week when you meet the world. Take your time to discern the choices provided to you in this beckoning universe that has so much in store for you!

In light and love,

Theresa and Graciella