Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

Graciella la Gitana Oracle card Spring

How wonderful that we have just entered the time of winter and, yet, the card we pull for this week is that of Spring. The undercurrent of something new coming toward us is in the air. The crescent moon is waxing. These are times for sitting in reflection, while acknowledging the stirrings within our minds, our bellies, and our hearts.

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

We are in the latter part of the decade and we await with open arms the coming new year, the coming decade. It’s akin to a birthday. What new things are we looking forward to receiving and what things are we willing to let go? By meditating on these thoughts and notions and desires, we allow ourselves to be true to our dreams and what is within us that longs to be called foward into our external lives.

We all have the artist within, creations waiting to be born, love wanting to encompass the deeper parts of ourselves and the desire to share our larger selves with others. The image of the cherry blossoms brings forth gentleness in the pink of newness. The background of the expansive sky is blue and white. These colors are often connected to healing, light, and of course, the Mother, who has a spirituality that many of us wish to emulate. The tree branches are thin but are enough to withstand the beauty of the weighty flowers.

Sometimes are dreams seem impossible to achieve and remain dreams, but they can also be brought to frution. As you create your 2020 vision boards, allow yourself the full expanse of your desires to be acknowledged. I always place an empty circle in the middle of my board. That is my Higher Power circle. That circle leaves an opening for a dream my HP has for me that I never considered to come true. It also allows that dream which is not mine to slip away without resentment or rancor.

Allow the beauty of this time to enter your soul. It is a time for us, enveloped in the love of something Higher, to move forward in realizing our true selves.


Graciella and Theresa