Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading- The Fortune Teller

Wouldn’t we all like to know where we’re headed? To know what is next on our horizons? For many of us, having a full spiritual life guides us toward the inner knowing that lights our way in this world. Prayer and meditation are essential in cultivating a personal spiritual garden that flourishes with life.

There are so many of us though who are still looking for a spiritual path. Others may be in need of the words or symbols of an outside source to help us remember. We humans all too often forget the roads we are on due to the many distractions we encounter in our daily lives. We may have a question that needs to be answered or someone to help us shed light on a problem that we’ve been unable to resolve.

In this card, the Fortune Teller/La Adivinadora acts as the medium in which we obtain the information that we have been unable to come to on our own. The age old practice of scrying water, tarot, oracles, bones, and shells for enlightenment can be that outside, yet inner source, for us to query. This practice doesn’t change your future, only you can do that. Having more insight into a situation can help to avert or avoid circumstances that one may need to stay clear from or provide clarity and direct one closer to more fruitful ways of living.

Spiritual garden

Think of a spiritual consultation as a way of cultivating your spiritual garden. Guidance on what may need to be weeded out, what perennials to plant, and what annuals or seasonal plantings to intersperse among the others is oh so helpful. Look to outside aide for your queries this week. None of us can do it all alone.

With love and affection,

Theresa and Graciella